1 Ton Electric Forklift

1 ton electric forklift overview

Baoomax 1 ton mini electric forklift is an embodiment of sustainable power. Its cutting-edge electric motor, powered by rechargeable batteries, offers a clean and efficient alternative to traditional fuel-powered forklifts. By eliminating emissions and reducing noise pollution, the Electric Forklift provides a greener solution without compromising on power or productivity.

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With its sleek and compact design, Baoomax small mini 1ton electric Forklift truck excels in maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for navigating narrow aisles and confined spaces.By eliminating the noise associated with traditional combustion engines, it creates a quieter work environment, reducing distractions and enhancing communication among operators and workers.  Also 1ton mini electric Forklift’s energy efficiency is a key advantage for businesses seeking to reduce operational costs .

1 Ton Electric Forklift specification

Model FL10EF
Power type Battery
Rated load (KG) 1000
Load center distance(mm) 400
Driving type Seat
Length With fork  L1 (mm) 2560
length   Without fork  L2(mm) 1640
Whole Width  B(mm) 800
Height no lifting frame  H1(mm) 2050
Top frame height   H2(mm) 1900
Max Height working  H3(mm) 3820
Distance from seat to top light   L3(mm) 970
Wheel  base   L4(mm) 1020
Front overhang   Y(mm) 300
Back overhang     L5(mm) 250
Front wheel tread  R(mm) 700
Back wheel tread  P(mm) 668
Min Floor clearance     F(mm) 90
Max lifting height    H(mm) 3000
Free lifting height     H4(mm) 80
Fork  changing    S(mm) 703/190
Min Turning radius WA(mm) 1800
Min Right angle aisle width    RA(mm) 3400
Frame angle   a/β 6°/12°
Max lifting speed without goods(mm/s) 250
Max lifting speed with full  goods(mm/s) 220
Max speed without goods(km/h) 12
Max speed with full goods(km/h) 11
Max climbing angle(%) ≤10
Whole weight (kg) 1580
Driving Wheel 2x/2
Tyre model Solid tyre
Front Tyre 15×4 1/2-8
Rear Tyre 3.50-5
Hand Brake Hydraulic Pedal
Brake  type M-Hand
Battery Volt/ capacity(v/Ah) 12Vx4/150
Driving motor power (kw) 3.0AC
pump power (kw) 3.0DC

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