SSL75 Skid Steer Loader

SSL75 skid steer loader Overview

The SSL75 new Skid Steer Loader machine has an impressive loading capacity of 1050KG, making it the perfect companion for heavy-duty tasks. Whether you’re involved in construction, landscaping, agriculture, or any other industry that requires robust material handling, this skid steer loader will surpass your expectations. Move heavy loads effortlessly, improving your productivity and maximizing your operational efficiency.

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Whether you need to load, excavate, grade, or perform other tasks, this 75HP wheel skid steer loader is up to the challenge. The skid steer quick attach plate size is same with BOBCAT ,CAT and KUBOTA skid steer loader. With its interchangeable attachments, such as 4 in 1  buckets, forks, auger , trencher, brush cutter, backhoe ,sweeper , grapple , forest mulcher and more, you can easily customize the loader to suit your specific requirements, maximizing its utility and efficiency.

SSL75skid steer Main features:

  • Engine :55KW XINCHAI diesel engine
  • Loading capacity: 1050KG
  • Machine width:1880mm
  • Bucket capacity:0.5CBM
  • Machine weight:3500KG

SSL75 skid steer loader specifications:

SSL75 skid steer loader specifications

A. Height at Maximum Extension       4070mm
B. Hinge Pin Height       3150mm
C. Total Height       2160mm
D. Length with Bucket       3580mm
E. Length without Bucket       2880mm
F. Width with Bucket       1880mm
G. Track Width       1500mm
H. Wheelbase       1166mm
J. Ground Clearance       205mm
K. Dumping Angle °       40
L. Dumping Height       2450mm
M. Maximum Reach       700mm
Rated Operating Capacity(KG)      1050
Tipping load(Kg)       2100
Bucket Capacity(m3)       0.5
Lifting Force(Kg)       2730
Hydraulic Pump Flow(L/min)       75/115
Engine power(KW)       55
Weight(Kg)       3500
Max. Travel Speed(km/h)       12/18
Grade ability(° )       20
Tire       12- 16.5
Fuel/hyd. Oil capacity(L)       90/90

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