SSL25 Skid Steer Loader

SSL25 skid steer Overview

With narrow machine width: 900mm, SSL25 small skid steer loader is exceptionally compact and maneuverable. Its easy access to confined spaces and narrow job sites that larger equipment cannot reach. No more worrying about limited access areas, this mini skid steer wheel loader effortlessly navigates through tight spaces, ensuring you can complete your tasks with precision.

Equipped with a robust 25HP Kubota or Yanmar diesel engine, SSL25  mini Skid Steer Loader offers strong power and performance. This reliable engine ensures optimal productivity, enabling you to tackle demanding tasks with ease,even in challenging conditions.

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SSL25 skid steer Main features:

  • Engine :25HP Japan Kubota diesel or Yanmar diesel
  • Loading capacity: 400KG
  • Machine width:900mm
  • Bucket width:914mm
  • Bucket capacity:0.2cbm
  • Machine weight:1500KG

SSL25 small skid steer specifications:

SSL25 skid steer loader01

Brand Baoomax
Model SSL25
Operating load  (kg) 300
Max Speed(km/h) 9
Rated flux  (L/min) 37
Tire(track) model 23×8.5-15
Rated power (HP) 25
Fuel tank capacity (L) 25
self weight bucket  (kg) 1500
Bucket capacity  (m³) 0.2
Overall operating height (mm) 3126
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm) 2399
 height to top of cab (mm) 1813
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm) 2399
Without bucket length(mm) 1918
overall length with bucket(mm) 2560
Dumping angle at maximum height(°) 36
Dumping height(mm) 1882
 Dumping reach(mm) 458
 Rollback o bucket on ground(°) 24
 Rollback of bucket at full height(°) 97
Wheelbase(mm) 722
Ground clearance(mm) 148
Angle of departure(°) 28
 Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 971
Front tuning radius(mm) 1557
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1146
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 738
Tread width (mm) 747
Width (mm) 900
Bucket width (mm) 914

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