ME35 Mini Excavator

Baoomax 3.5ton crawler small EPA Excavator, with Japan kubota diesel engine 18.5KW EPA4 ,is specifically designed to excel in tight spaces and restricted access areas where traditional excavators may struggle to operate. Its compact size and nimble maneuverability allow it to navigate through narrow passageways, urban environments, and confined construction sites with ease. With Baoomax small Mini Excavator, no excavation task is too challenging or inaccessible.

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Don’t let its mini size fool you— Baoomax Mini diesel Excavator packs a punch when it comes to power and performance. Equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system and a range of attachments, it can effortlessly dig, lift, and move large quantities of soil, rocks, and debris. Its efficient digging capabilities enable precise excavation, grading, and trenching, ensuring optimal results in various construction applications.

Its compact size, power, and versatility enable it to excel in challenging environments, making it an ideal choice for urban construction, landscaping, and renovation projects.

ME35 Mini Excavator


Engine Emission Standard Euro 5,EPA4
Engine Make /Model KUBOTA /D1703
Power /Rotation speed 18.5kw(25HP)@2200rpm
Number of cylinder 3
Type In-line,water cooled, 4-stroke
Max.torque 97.4N.m/1500rpm
Displacement 1.642L
Maximum Travel speed(High/low) 4.4/2.4km/h
Width of steel track shoe 300mm
Carrier roller(Each side) 1
Supporting roller(Each side) 4
Standard Bucket capacity 0.12m³
Swing speed 12rpm
Maximum Grade ability 58%(30°)
Ground pressure 32Kpa
Maximum Bucket digging force 30.4KN
Maximum Arm digging force 18.2KN
Hydraulic system pressure 22.5Mpa
Machine weight 3810kg
Boom length 2535mm
Arm length 1400mm
Fuel tank capacity 40L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 44L
Engine oil capacity 7L
Radiator capacity 3.8L
Final drive 2*0.7L
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 4915mm*1720mm*2525mm
Axle base(Track length on ground) 1670mm
Length of rubber track 2154mm
Track gauge 1420mm
Minimum Ground clearance 295mm
Swing radius at tail 860mm
Swing radius at front 2538mm
Height of blade 350mm
Maximum Digging height 4800mm
Maximum Dumping height 3406mm
Maximum Digging depth 3208mm
Maximum Vertical digging depth 2957mm
Maximum Digging distance 5480mm
Maximum digging distance (on ground) 5359mm
Minimum swing radius 2530mm
Max.height when min.swing radius 3655mm
Maximum Lifting height of blade 365mm
Maximum Cutting depth of blade 385mm
Boom swing angle(Left/Right) 55°/65°

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