ME230 Crawler Excavator

Baoomax construction heavy equipment 23Ton Crawler Excavator is engineered to excel in challenging terrains and adverse conditions. With its sturdy crawler tracks, reinforced chassis, and rugged components, it can conquer uneven ground, rough surfaces, and steep slopes with confidence. This 23 ton crawler diesel excavator use Cummins engine 178HP, is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty excavation, ensuring reliable operation in the most demanding construction environments.

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At the heart of the 23Ton diesel Crawler Excavator lies a powerful hydraulic system that delivers exceptional digging force and control. Its high-performance hydraulic pumps, valves, and cylinders enable precise movements and smooth operation, allowing operators to dig, lift, and rotate with utmost accuracy and efficiency. This advanced hydraulic system empowers the excavator to tackle a wide range of excavation tasks, from digging foundations and trenches to loading trucks and removing debris.

ME230 Crawler Excavator specification

Engine Make Dongfeng CUMMINS
Engine Model 6BTAA5.9-C178
Power /Rotation speed 178HP @2050rpm
Number of cylinder 6
Maximum Travel speed(high/low) 5.6/3.3km/h
Width of track shoe 600mm
Number of upper roller per side 2
Number of bottom roller per side 9
Rock Bucket capacity 1.1m³
Swing speed 12rpm
Maximum Grade ability 30°
Maximum Bucket digging force 150KN
Maximum Arm digging force 110KN
Hydraulic system pressure 34.3Mpa
Ground pressure 46kPa
Machine weight 22800kg
Fuel tank 360L
Hydraulic oil tank 212.5L
Boom length 5700mm
Arm length 3800mm
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 9600mm*2990mm*3000mm
Height of cabin 3000mm
Track length on ground(Axle base) 3700mm
Track gauge 2390mm
Minimum Ground clearance 470mm
Min.slewing radius at front work device 3555mm
Maximum Digging height 9410mm
Maximum Dumping height 6730mm
Maximum Digging depth 6480mm
Maximum Vertical digging depth 5925mm
Maximum Digging radius 9850mm

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