1. Original Perkins engine.
  2. Original Sauer-Danfossstatic hydraulic pump and hydraulic control valve;
  3. New articulated and steering style, operation more stably;
  4. Min width 950mm, less than 2.2 m high, going across gate easily;
  5. 54° big turning angle, much more flexible to operate;
  6. Side support and enhanced working devices ensure safe;
  7. Either multi-integrated joystick or hydraulic arm damping system.
  8. Easy maintenance and service.
  9. Performance Operating weight(kg) 1490
    Bucket capacity(m³) 0.3-0.48
    Tipping load in shovel/pallet fork,

    vehicle straight (kg)

    Tipping load in shovel/pallet fork,

    vehicle at 68° (kg)

    Break-off force/biting force(daN) 1340
    Ground clearance(mm) 208
    Max travels peed(km/h) 17
    Dimensions Length * Width * High (mm) 3615*930*2192
    Max.dumping height(mm) 2030
    Total working height(mm) 3593
    Reach at max.dump(mm) 501
    Wheel Base(mm) 1345
    Track width(mm) 714
    Engine Engine PERKINS 403D-11
    Rated power(kw) 18.5
    Rated speed(rpm) 2800
    Displacement(cm3) 1131
    Steering Type Full hydraulic centre-pivot steering
    Rotating angle ±12°
    Turn angle ±54°
    Turning radius Inside turning radius(mm) 865
    Radius at outer edge(mm) 1829
    Max turning radius (mm) 2210
    Turning angle ±54°
    Hydrostatic Working flow rate 30 l/min
    Working pressure 205bar
    Driving flow rate 84 l/min
    Driving working pressure 305bar
    Tires Model 27*8.5-15 (Vacuum)

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