• 23HP USA Briggs&Stratton / Kohler engine
  • USA PERMCO PUMP or Italy Hansa pump
  • USA WHITE drive motor ; Italian Hydraulic control valves
  • Donaldson Cyclonic air filter ; Japan NSK bearings
  • Electrophoresis parts to avoid rusting ;4×4 wheel drive
  • Loading capacity: 350kgs; Bucket capacity: 0.15m3
Model BA350w
Overall operating height 2452mm
Height to bucket hinge pin 1914mm
Height to top of cab 1370mm
Height to bottom of level bucket 1790mm
Overall length without bucket 1740mm
Overall length with bucket 2170mm
Dumping angle at maximum height (°) 33.7
Dumping height 1515mm
Dumping reach 545mm
Rollback of bucket on ground (°) 26
Rollback of bucket at full height (°) 114
Wheelbase 657mm
Ground clearance 140mm
Angle of departure (°) 23
Turning radius front without bucket 801mm
Front turning radius with bucket 1282mm
Rear turning radius 1026mm
Tread width, centerline to centerline 960mm
Width between outside of two wheels 1150mm
Bucket width 1160mm

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